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Learn by Listening: Learn to Speak American English by hearing the pronunciation of each new word in our Vocabulary tables, as part of a single sentence in our Practice Sentence areas, or as part of a complete Conversation. You can hear how American English words are pronounced.

Learn common phrases: Our members enjoy listening to audio recordings of common phrases used in daily conversations in America. We have built a library of recorded voice conversations that represent common exchanges such as when one is shopping, in a business meeting, or eating at a restaurant.

Learn correct pronunciation: All our English voice recordings are made using the American Midwest accent which is the most neutral accent in America. It is the accent that is most clearly understood, used in most national TV broadcasts, and does not reveal the speaker's place of birth.

Learn by Reading: The written translation of each conversation and word is available in multiple languages as a single word in our Vocabulary tables, as part of a sentence in our Practice Sentence tables, or as part of complete Conversations.

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